In demand: Can government grants make assessor training pay?

Asking yourself ‘what next?’ in your career? You are not alone. As the old ‘job for life’ certainties continue to fade, more and more of us are taking different paths in our work lives. But as people come and go, what is not in doubt is the need to retain key skills in the work place.

That is one reason why the government has prioritised funding for NVQ assessor training. Eager not to lose the skills and know-how of those leaving industry, The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) offers redundancy grants for the Level 3 NVQ Assessor Certificate, an accredited QCF assessor qualification.

If you are facing redundancy, this offers both a route into a new career and a way to ‘give something back’. It allows you to make good use of the skills and expertise you have developed, helping to pass on best practice to others. Best of all, there is genuine demand, with assessor jobs available across all industries, and tailored NVQ assessor courses to match.

Once qualified, assessors can work in-house or freelance, with the flexibility to increase their expertise working across different work places. There is also the option to move on to verifier posts, both internal and external, with courses and qualifications available for each. While assessors oversee and accredit work-based training for NVQ qualifications, verifiers ensure assessment is consistent and correct. There are currently loans available for internal and external verifier courses for anyone aged 24 and above.

If you have recently been made redundant and fancy a new start, why not give us a call? We can quickly check to make sure you meet the criteria and advise on opportunities in your industry and area. You can even take the on-line home learning route to our assessor qualification courses.