Should Assessors Replace Teachers?

There seems to be a national trend at the moment of teachers being replaced by assessors. Although many schools and colleges are focused on having a mix of assessors and teachers, in recent years, there has been a number of moves to increase the proportion of assessors – especially on the back of an increase in government funding for training them and an increase in the number of industry professionals choosing to take this route. Assessor qualifications are easy to gain via a range of different routes, including home learning. For more on our fast track learning options, read on…

Assessors play a vital role within schools and colleges. This is because their role is primarily to check people can perform skills they’ve already learnt – as opposed to teaching new ones, which teachers are obviously ideally suited to. For this reason, one profession complements the other in order to ensure that students experience comprehensive and integrated learning. One operating without the other can bring about the risk of the education not being complete enough for students to succeed – while teachers focus on equipping students with new skills, assessors provide the essential check points to determine whether these have been successfully learnt or not, and take appropriate action if not.

One cannot substitute the other and it is important that education leaders do not see the situation as an ‘either/or’ if their students are to continue to learn successfully and flourish. There is bedrock of talent out there that can feed into an increase in the number of assessors on the market and this is to be encouraged. What helps is that although typically it can take time to become qualified, our fast track options enable you to qualify in as little as eight weeks. Other assessor courses take longer, but our fast-track option speeds up the process considerably if people are willing to work hard.