Is there any point in becoming an Internal Verifier (IQA)?

At a recent awarding organisation briefing day, the host asked for names of potential IQAs in a particular vocational area. No one stood up, and there was a muttering amongst the delegates. After some time, one delegate stood up and said, “But most assessors don’t have the time to study to become IQAs”. This was met with nods of agreement all round. They went on to say that, as assessors, they are busy in their jobs and have limited opportunities to take time off for personal study. There is also the issue of money – people can’t afford to take time off of work and pay for a training course at the same time – and most employers won’t take on those costs. This is alongside the need for travel to some training courses and a potential lack of work opportunities locally in the future. But what can we do to rectify the problem?


There is both a national shortage, and an increased demand for qualified internal verifiers across many vocational areas. However, these courses are traditionally time consuming and can only be completed in a classroom based setting. With lives getting increasingly busier and more hectic, it’s difficult for people who want to train to find the time and resources to do so.


One solution is using online distance learning courses to become qualified as an IQA. This means that students can learn in their own time and in their own space, which solves the problem of needing to cover any travel or missed-work related expenses. There are also options to work remotely as an IQA so it may not even be necessary to travel for work. The new IQA Certificate is now available from Assessor Bank, which gives you the option and flexibility of working online. Payment options are also available to help spread out the cost of taking on a training course.


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